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Our company has 5 sets of automatic winding machine, winding resistance wire can be a variety of requirements, to ensure the uniformity and consistency of the wound and further processing of the spiral resistance wire spacing, and the accuracy of the resistance value of the (less than 0.01), without any damage to the resistance wire itself.

The connection between our heating wire and the leading rod is free from damage, zero contact resistance and good electrical conductivity. The electric heating tube in certain vibration, impact and long-term heat cooling cycle, the welding point will not loose, reliable work. The electric heating pipe welding and installation of flange sleeve with precision, our company is using imported tube plate argon arc welding machine, the design requirements of the sleeve and flange hole with precision, which is welded with the flange, do hydraulic pressure or air pressure after passing the electric heating pipe and casing hole with precision, and make the pipe and the casing on the other one end of the welding, then do hydraulic pressure or air pressure after welding, ensure each electrical heating tube is welded firmly and meet the requirements of.

Automatic self core of our company has long powder filling machine, it can not only improve the production efficiency, the more important is to ensure the uniformity and consistency of the resistance wire is filled in the inner part of the pipe body, and neutral magnesium oxide, and the consistency of the helical pitch of the resistance wire to ensure maximum extension the service life of the electric heating pipe.

Our company is equipped with fully automatic high-precision shrink pipe machine, fully meet the requirements of all pipe diameter size. The utility model can control the heating pipe after the shrinkage of the pipe, the diameter error is less than 0.02mm, and the processing speed and the force are even and stable, and the consistency of the pipe shrinking rate and the elongation rate of the electric heating pipe is ensured, and the quality of the product is greatly improved.

The automatic equipment nitriding of our company, it can in the electric heating tube after processing a layer of nitride oxide layer formed on the surface (surface chlorine or black) so that the heating surface, corrosion resistant, wear-resisting, increase heat radiation, increasing the use performance of the electric heating pipe, extended electric heating tube service life.

The electric heating pipe in the production process, filling magnesia powder to a stainless steel tube into the electric wire and the electric heating tube heating, in order to ensure the uniformity of the mechanical and electric heating tube, stainless steel tube pipe extrusion in order to reduce the diameter to achieve the density of magnesium oxide by internal heating tube. The tube is extruded by the compression tube to cause a great stress on the material structure. The electric heating pipe is always kept the ohmic heating and cooling state, if not eliminate stress, the heating pipe in use after a period of time it is easy to produce deformation, accelerate corrosion, cracking and tube explosion phenomenon, directly affect the quality and service life. Therefore, in the process of electric heating pipe, a special process, high temperature annealing, must be adopted to eliminate the stress of the electric heating pipe and to damp the water at the same time. Division I is one of the domestic counterparts in the possession and possession of this technology is one of the few manufacturers.

My company has automatic high precision pipe bending machine, fully meet the needs of all types of electric heating pipe processing, to ensure that the electric heating pipe in bending neutral will not decline.

The company has automatic straightening function to ensure heating after processing pipe straightness error of less than 0.02mm, to ensure the uniformity and consistency of the electric heating tube after keeping processing.

Contact Us

Address: No. 3 Dazhai Road, Baoying Development Zone, Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China

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