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What do you know about the features of the explosion-proof electric heater?

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What do you know about the features of the explosion-proof electric heater?

Date:2017-12-12 Author:Yicheng network Click:

In the cold winter, large power air conditioning unit when all of the evaporation heat from the air conditioning system through the internal temperature, in fact, have lost a part of the heat, and the compressor in the compression work under high temperature and voltage, relatively speaking, indicating the volume effect, the effect of compressor to drop, electric heating tube from the surface lead to heat pump heating and the heating effect also declined, in such circumstances, is to increase the auxiliary electric heating equipment, and use the most is the explosion-proof electric heater products. The usual way to supplement the heat that people used to use is to install a relatively small boiler.

The use of auxiliary heating boiler help, despite a certain degree of effectiveness in the energy supplement, but because of its relatively large size, large area, also has a certain impact on the surrounding environment, artificial cost more because of the pursuit of large electric heater products of energy-saving and environmental protection, the efficiency of today is not an ideal the choice and explosion-proof electric heater is relatively empty of the auxiliary heater makes up the shortage of the.

The explosion-proof electric heater has the following advantages in the daily use process: the double ended electric heating tube occupies a small area, and has obvious advantages in installation, operation, use, environment, labor, maintenance and maintenance, compared with the boiler electric heating equipment.

Explosion - proof heater

After installation of explosion-proof electric heater, air conditioning system with internal high voltage combined into a united whole, work in high temperature air conditioning system voltage, can be the first to ring only water after heating, a natural temperature increase the internal temperature voltage into the water, before the system is running in high temperature air conditioning internal voltage, increase system the thermal effect of the air-conditioning system and work efficiency, the effect, thus the efficiency of internal explosion-proof electric heater system in air conditioning internal high temperature voltage of the highest.

Experimental study on the explosion-proof electric heater shows that the infrared radiation wavelength of the explosion-proof electric heater control in 0.76 ~ 25 m or so, the user can according to the electric heating pipe material and the physical characteristics of heating medium water with the same wavelength, or choose a different wavelength heating tube to form a combination of the best.

The thermal efficiency of the electric heating tube is relatively high, and the infrared radiation efficiency in a certain wavelength direction can reach more than 80%.

Thermal inertia small infrared radiation explosion-proof electric heater, 50% 1-2 seconds up to the rated power electricity, about 2-4 seconds after the full power operation, heating and cooling speed is relatively fast, but also very accurate positioning.

The explosion-proof electric heater's volume is not large, but its power is great. The rated power of a single heating pipe can do more than 6000W, can be easily made plate electric heater, electric heater, gas heater, oven, oven and other high infrared electric heating equipment.

According to customer needs, the directional reflection layer on the outer wall of the explosion-proof electric heater parts are plated gold and other precious metals, titanium or zirconium, aluminum oxide, explosion-proof electric heater can greatly improve the heating efficiency of heating medium, reducing reflection plate temperature, high temperature internal voltage system protection explosion-proof electric heater.

Explosion - proof heater price

The explosion-proof electric heater has low cost and long life, and the continuous service life of heating medium under 2000W will exceed 5000 hours under rated conditions. The life of heating medium above 3000W will exceed 3000 hours, which will greatly reduce operation cost.

All kinds of electric heating equipment composed of infrared radiant electric heater can control the temperature automatically by the temperature control instrument, the thyristor AC power regulator or the voltage regulator. Because of its small thermal inertia, the temperature control is rapid and accurate.



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