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What safety precautions should be paid attention to in the use of explosion-proof heaters?

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What safety precautions should be paid attention to in the use of explosion-proof heaters?

Date:2017-12-20 Author:Yicheng network Click:

Explosion-proof electric heaters specially convert electrical energy into thermal energy and heat objects that need to be heated in the heater. During use, the low temperature medium will make it through the pipeline running under pressure into the organic carrier, along the electric heater inside the special pipeline, the research team in the experimental study, using the thermodynamic principle, design the specific way, remove the electric heating element is encountered in the work of the high temperature heat energy. Let the object to be heated by the heating temperature, the effect of the export process to get the ideal. The structure of the explosion-proof electric heater control system, according to the temperature of the input to the transmit power automatic regulation system, change the electric heater, the heating temperature of the same object; when the electric heating element when the temperature is too high, the safety detection device of the heating element will automatically cut off power supply to prevent heating object deterioration, serious will damage the electric heater element, which makes the electric heater life shortening.

Explosion - proof heater

The explosion-proof electric heater's volume is not large, but its power is great. The rated power of a single heating pipe can do more than 6000W, can be easily made plate electric heater, electric heater, gas heater, oven, oven and other high infrared electric heating equipment. The electric heater manufacturer Chinese according to customer needs, the directional reflection layer on the outer wall of the explosion-proof electric heater parts are plated gold and other precious metals, titanium or zirconium, aluminum oxide, explosion-proof electric heater can greatly improve the heating efficiency of heating medium, reducing reflection plate temperature, internal temperature protection explosion-proof electric voltage system heater.

According to the needs of users also produces various types of electric air heater, pipe heater, heater, heater, heating element, oven, mixer, mixing tank, electric heating equipment.

Electric heaters are a lot of equipment in life and use, such as electric kettles, electric funnels, electric heating and so on, all belong to the electric heater equipment.

The resistance wire of the electric heater is nickel (NIE) and chromium (GE) alloy. The temperature is above 800 degrees. Because the power of the electric heater is bigger, the user can easily ignore the safety, so that the fire will happen easily. There are several reasons for the fire of the explosion-proof heater.

After the electric heater is placed on a combustible object or near a flammable object, a fire will occur at a long time of high temperature baking.

When the plug is not installed, insert the head of the wire directly into the socket, which can cause a short circuit and cause a fire.

Explosion - proof heater price

When the heater is off, the power must be disconnected. If the heater is not broken, the heater will ignite when the temperature increases.

Therefore, in the use of the electric heater is, not flammable objects placed near the electric heater, must maintain a safe distance, the electric heater must be placed on the base to heat non flammable, electric heater used must be left unattended, to unplug the power, in the use process, if a sudden power outage also, in a timely manner to unplug the electric heater, don't forget.



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