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Auxiliary electric heater for air duct type central air conditioner

Auxiliary electric heater for air duct type central air conditioner

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  • Date:2017/07/04
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Air duct type electric heater

Product overview:

In the central air conditioning unit modular, heating effect and environmental temperature of the host are closely related, when the ambient temperature and standard working temperature (outdoor temperature of 7 DEG C) is large, the heating efficiency of the host will greatly reduce the room temperature is low, and the room temperature may be required large difference. When the ambient temperature is below 4 DEG C, can lead to host boot difficult, even if the boot, after the bad working condition for a long time, easy to cause risk of compressor liquid hammer, oil, reduce air conditioning unit life greatly. This time you need to configure the central air conditioning auxiliary electric heater is pre heating of the water medium increasing water temperature, both to ensure the start-up and operation of air conditioning unit is normal, but also improves the heating efficiency and the heating effect of the host.

Product features:

1, the auxiliary heater is made by stainless steel, small size, covers an area of small, waterproof design is very reasonable, but must be between the outer container and the inner heat insulation design, can avoid the loss of heat in the work process, and in the winter to avoid freezing the barrel.

The heating device 2, auxiliary heater adopts 316L stainless steel seamless steel pipe and the quality of magnesium oxide, the corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, insulation far exceed the national standard.

3, auxiliary heater in the design of its water flow, make full use of the golden section point to carry on the design of water flow, guarantee it in the water flow, fully reflect the heating effect is high, no high and low temperature dead angle advantages.

4,auxiliary heater before the completion of finished products, a series of pressure test, high standards, strict requirements, so that the product pressure capacity to meet the national standards for small pressure vessels.

5, the auxiliary heater temperature control system and overheat protection system, temperature control system (usually set at 60 DEG C) and the thermal protection system (usually set at 80 DEG C) used in all domestic first-class brand components, Gao Minjie, high efficiency, the auxiliary heater in the working process, can damage the electric energy, energy saving protection products.

6, the installation of auxiliary heater, parallel installed in the outlet pipe, in the summer when the system is running, connect the heater valves shut in the winter, the water system through the auxiliary heater, let it play the function of the auxiliary heater.

Product application:

A component of the water circulation system of a central air conditioner.

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