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Positive pressure type explosion-proof control cabinet

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Positive pressure type explosion-proof control cabinet

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  • Date:2017/06/01
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Positive pressure type explosion-proof control cabinet

Scope of application: 1 District, 2 District dangerous place; IIA, IIB and IIC explosive gas environment; flammable dust environment 20 area, 21 district and 22 district; temperature group is T1 - T6 environment.

Anticorrosion grade: WF1

Positive pressure type explosion-proof power distribution cabinet, scope of application, group implication

1.1 the division of hazardous areas in explosive gas environment

Different countries and regions explode dangerous areas according to their respective standards. According to the frequency and duration of explosive gas mixture, the explosive gas environment can be divided into O, 1 and 2 areas. (in line with IEC International Electrotechnical Commission)

0 zone: the environment where explosive gas mixtures occur continuously or for a long time.

Zone 1: the environment where explosive gas mixture may occur during normal operation.

2 zone: in normal operation, it is impossible to present an explosive gas mixture or even an explosive gas mixture that is only short-term.

0 areas usually only exist in sealed containers, tanks and other internal gas space, in the actual design process, 1 areas rarely exist, the majority of cases belong to the 2 district. Product features

The product adopts GGD distribution cabinet frame, adopts main and auxiliary disk structure, and the whole cabinet includes ventilation system, check pressure sensing system, automatic control system, ventilation system, measuring system and electrical system

Products can be equipped with instrumentation, analysis instruments, display instruments, low-voltage appliances, inverter, soft starter or computer control system, can be used as the central signal processing system and the central control system

The protection device is complete, and the control cabinet is provided with a ventilation and feeding point linkage device. Only when the required ventilation time is reached can the power supply be transmitted automatically, and a low pressure automatic alarm device and an automatic air feeding device are arranged, and the automatic air shutoff function is realized at high pressure

The sealing performance is reliable, the shell adopts multiple sealing protection, the holding time is long, and the running cost is saved

The cabinet adopts the cable channel seat installation form, and the user should be equipped with clean or inert gas source

Multiple units can be installed side by side, on-line operation

When manufacturing, the user needs to provide a complete electrical system diagram, the control system inside the material list

technical parameter

Explosion proof sign: Expxdeia, II, BT4

Release level: IP65

Rated current: AC220V/380V

Working pressure: 60~1000Pa

Air pressure: 0.5~0.8MPa

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