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What are the safety protection and main uses of explosion-proof electric heaters in the market at present?

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What are the safety protection and main uses of explosion-proof electric heaters in the market at present?

Date:2017-11-24 Author:Yicheng network Click:

The development of modern science and technology is also of great help to the national standards for the formulation of explosion-proof electric heaters. The safety of explosion-proof electric heater standards is guaranteed, especially in the production process of manufacturers, which need to be completed according to the standard technology and performance. Only in this way can we really occupy a certain advantage in the domestic market. Because of the water heater in the household, the effect and effect of the electric heater is more obvious, the heating effect is good, the energy consumption is small, the heating speed is fast, and so on.

The new type of explosion-proof electric heating belt has been widely spread to the heating equipment, and it has improved the advanced and advantageous position in the technology. Only in this way, we can always reach the first class advantage in the national market and create the characteristics of the industry. It really creates technical recognition and selectivity.

At present, the specifications and models of electric heaters in the market are more and more widely used, so that they can occupy certain technical advantages in the industry and improve their recognition and status in this regard. This is the key to the popularity of the marketing process in the past few years.

The explosion-proof electric heater is developed on the basis of the advanced technology level of electric heater abroad, which is an efficient, energy saving, environmental protection and safety explosion-proof industrial electric heating furnace for high voltage and heat energy. This kind of electric heating furnace is a kind of working mode that uses electric energy as power to convert its internal high temperature voltage system into heat energy.

Generally speaking, the explosion-proof electric heating furnace is based on the heat conduction oil as the heat carrier, and the internal high temperature voltage system is processed by the forced circulation of the heat conduction oil through the electrical energy, and the heat of the high temperature inside the air is transported to one or more electric heating equipment. When the transition function of electric heating equipment of high temperature in the system voltage, thermal oil start heating efficiency, namely again through the circulating pump, electric heating furnace two to absorb heat transmitted to the internal high temperature voltage system of electric heating furnace, after this cycle of work, the electric heating furnace heat through the uninterrupted transfer. The internal high temperature voltage system of the electric heating furnace can obtain the energy of continuous high temperature. It meets the heating requirements of the heating medium during the high temperature process.

Explosion - proof heater

The characteristics of the electric heating industry of the explosion-proof electric heater have the following aspects:

1. The uninterrupted transmission of the internal high temperature voltage system can be realized. To ensure the high temperature voltage system inside the electric heating equipment to use the energy to obtain the higher temperature of the energy. Meet the high temperature heating requirement of the medium in the work, make the function play to the maximum.

2. The equipment has the precision of structure, light weight, light weight and convenient installation. When heated, it does not pollute the surrounding environment, and can get quite high heating temperature and efficiency under lower working pressure.

3. High intelligentized standard. The relevant technical personnel China electric heater network on its use of advanced intelligent heating mode, namely through the high temperature medium voltage of gas electric heater inside the set temperature the original work, in the experiment, the temperature control precision can reach + 2 C ~ + 0.2 DEG C.

The internal pressure system 4, the equipment can provide heater running, high temperature, failure, outage and other alarm signal to the DCS system, can also accept DCS issued by the automatic operation and shutdown of the slogan, also added to the safety monitoring device of electric heater electric heater system, but this reference price is relatively high.

5, electrical equipment has a number of related interfaces. It can monitor effectively the heat pump, heat and oil flow and internal high temperature pressure at any time. In order to achieve more energy-saving, more environmental protection, more efficient reform of the explosion protection electric heater.



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