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Application of heat conduction oil and electric heater in all walks of life

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Application of heat conduction oil and electric heater in all walks of life

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The heat conduction oil and electric heater is the fuel of coal, heavy oil, light oil and other combustible gas, and the heat transfer oil is the heat carrier. Using liquid-phase circulation pump forced circulation, the heat transfer to the thermal equipment, DC special industrial furnace and then return to heating of the heat conducting oil, also called organic heat carrier or medium hot oil, as an intermediate heat transfer medium in the industrial application of heat in the process of change has been more than fifty years of history. The organic heat carrier furnace is a new type of special boiler which uses the heat conduction fluid as the heating medium. It has the characteristics of low pressure and high temperature. With the development of industrial production and the progress of science and technology, the organic heat carrier furnace has been developed and applied continuously. Although the working pressure of organic heat carrier furnace is relatively low, the heat conduction fluid in the furnace is high, and most of them are flammable and explosive. Once leakage occurs during operation, it will cause accidents such as fire and explosion, and even cause casualties and property losses. Therefore, the safe operation and management of the organic heat carrier furnace must be highly valued. The heat conducting oil electric heater is a new, safe, efficient and energy saving special industrial furnace under low pressure (under normal pressure or low pressure) and can provide high temperature heat. The heat conduction oil is used as the heat carrier, and the heat carrier is circulate through the hot oil pump to transfer heat to the thermal equipment.

Heat conduction oil and electric heater price

Electric heating oil furnace system consists of explosion-proof electric heater, organic heat carrier furnace, heat exchanger (if any), the explosion-proof control box, heat pump, expansion into a skid slot combination, the import and export pipeline users only need only access to power, medium and some electrical interface can be used.

Application of textile printing and dyeing industry, electric heating of heat-conducting oil furnace

In the early stage of printing and dyeing industry, the electric heating was replaced by the organic heat carrier furnace heating on the drawing machine. The electricity consumption was replaced by coal. To a large extent, energy consumption was saved, and steam was transformed into organic heat carrier. Heating not only saved energy, but also greatly reduced the production cost. The organic heat carrier furnace has the characteristics of high temperature, indirect heating, safe and reliable heating, which can meet many industrial production requirements.

The dyeing liquid organic heat carrier (HTF) heating device is in a cylindrical shell on the inlet and outlet through tubing respectively with the heat conducting oil boiler oil outlet and the oil inlet is communicated, so that the formation of a closed cycle oil thermal oil and cylindrical shell, in the heating process, heat removal the conduction of the equipment itself, no loss of electricity, and electric heater to heat conducting oil recycling, no loss, the utilization rate is close to 100%, the heat conducting oil heat exchanger tube heating medium for dyeing liquid, the heat pipe dyeing liquid heating process is more stable, thus prolonging the service life of the equipment.

Asphalt heating energy-saving heat-conducting oil furnace

With the rapid development of highway construction in China, the grade of highway is increasing, and the quality of highway construction and highway maintenance is getting higher and higher. However, due to the little demand for asphalt and the dispersion in time and region, it is difficult to establish a fixed asphalt heating station for highway maintenance. The vehicle type furnace of asphalt heating equipment is a kind of convenient use, environmental protection, environmental pollution and energy saving of highway maintenance facilities. Vehicle mounted type heat-conducting oil furnace asphalt heating equipment, maintenance of roadway radiation radius of up to more than 200 kilometers, the application of asphalt electric heating of heat-conducting oil furnace will greatly reduce in highway maintenance at the same time, improve the quality of highway maintenance, especially for sparsely populated, scattered settlements in Northwest China can better reflect the superiority of the equipment. It has broad popularization prospect.

Supplier of heat conduction oil and electricity heater

The electric heating furnace of wood-based panel Enterprises

Oil heating system of wood-based panel enterprises traditional thermal conducting oil furnace: electric heating system using WL-600 type organic carrier heating furnace, the heating furnace with one or several kinds of waste wood, waste board, sawdust, sand powder, coal and combustible waste in the mixed fuel, the heat generated by the combustion chamber combustion organic heat carrier (heat conducting oil) after heating, forced circulation pump of high temperature to heat the organic heat carrier equipment and return after the re heating. The system is composed of a combustion chamber, the hot oil circulation system, flue gas emission system is composed of several parts, including the hot oil circulation system is provided to the dryer after heat conducting oil heating radiator, hot press, adjustable glue workshop with hot glue supply system, smoke exhaust system of combustion chamber is fuel combustion flue gas after purification emissions to the atmosphere.

The use of electric heating furnace in wood industry

For many years, the domestic wood veneer drying is basically the use of steam and infrared as a heat transfer carrier. By comparison, electric energy far infrared as a heat source, its energy consumption price is 10 times as high as coal, very expensive. While coal-fired steam boiler is an energy source, its price is lower than that of electric energy, but there are many malpractices when it is used. For example, if the heat loss is too large, it needs to add a lot of cold water, and the utilization of energy is not enough. The auxiliary equipment (heat exchanger) is easily corroded by water quality and the service life is affected. The use of electric heating furnace as veneer drying equipment, not only low cost, and environmental protection and energy saving, no pollution, zero emissions to achieve low-carbon!



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