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What are the steps of the electric heating and conducting oil and electric heaters?

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What are the steps of the electric heating and conducting oil and electric heaters?

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The electric heating furnace comprises a furnace casing, a chimney, a grate, a furnace body, by the side of the furnace body as the heating medium heating of heat-conducting oil furnace heating surface, and electric heater is arranged inside the furnace body surface. In the heating process does not require the use of large flow, high pressure, large power hot oil pump, so the manufacture, operation, convenient operation and management, can be used as the fuel of low calorific value of all the rich resources, saves a large amount of electric energy, is a kind of pressure, manufacturing is easy to use, simple structure, small electric heating furnace, application in the production process of the electric heating furnace needs of small and medium sized enterprises.

Heat conduction oil heater

Good electrical heating oil heater belongs to coal smokeless combustion section flow conducting oil furnace, furnace body on the part of the furnace body equipped with heating zone, the heating area of a heat pipe, the top of the heating area is provided with a draught fan, the lower part of the furnace for combustion zone, combustion zone with coal burning device, the the combustion device comprises a furnace body in coal-fired coal-fired device and a furnace body.

The combustion device is provided with a cross section of the swirl swirl round furnace hearth with high temperature cyclone, above the gas outlet below the air inlet, a flue gas inlet side, swirl swirl direction tangent to the furnace flue gas inlet and cyclone furnace, and the flue gas inlet to adapt, in the flue gas inlet side is equipped with a swirl combustion air, flue gas inlet docking coal-fired furnace flue gas outlet and cyclone furnace. The problem of burning black smoke from coal burning has been thoroughly solved, which not only saves coal resources, improves thermal efficiency, but also protects the environment.

During normal operation, when the main / standby circulating oil pump fails, the pump is closed when applied, and the standby / main circulating pump is opened at the same time, then the inlet and outlet valves of the main / standby circulating oil pump are turned off. Check and repair the main / standby circulating oil pump with failure. It is only necessary to open a circulating oil pump when working normally.

When the sudden power failure, should be promptly cut off the power supply, and close the oil valve on the gas pipeline and the oil return pipeline, less open to oil storage tank drain valve, do not open. The oil tank is put back from the main oil supply line to reduce the temperature of the furnace and prevent the heating component from overheating and burning.

After a week's operation, the newly built units should be thoroughly cleaned at the inlet of the circulating pump and cleaned once every 3 months.

Heat conduction oil heater factory

The new units should be rigidly checked before they are put into operation: the wiring terminals of the heating assembly, the flanges of the furnace flanges, the wiring bolts for the explosion proof junction boxes, and the explosion-proof junction box bolts.

The pressure meter and the temperature display instrument should be checked by the legal testing unit at each interval of one year.

The top group was overhauled at a time of one year. It includes the cleaning of dirt in the furnace, the replacement of filter core, the repair of the circulating oil pump, the maintenance of the line part and so on.



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