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Common parts and development trend of heat conduction oil and electric heater

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Common parts and development trend of heat conduction oil and electric heater

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The heat conducting oil electric heater is a new, safe, efficient and energy saving special industrial furnace under low pressure (under normal pressure or low pressure) and can provide high temperature heat. The heat conduction oil is used as the heat carrier, and the heat carrier is circulate through the hot oil pump to transfer heat to the thermal equipment.

Electrical heating oil system is composed of explosion-proof electric heater, organic heat carrier furnace, heat exchanger (if any), the explosion-proof control box, heat pump, expansion into a skid slot combination, the import and export pipeline users only need only access to power, medium and some electrical interface can be used.

Heat conduction oil and electric heater

Working principle

The electrical heating oil furnace, heat conducting oil immersion is composed of electric heating element generation and transmission, with heat conducting oil as medium, the use of forced circulation pump, heat conducting oil liquid circulation, the heat is transferred to the heat equipment by using one or more, the use of heat equipment after unloading, again through the circulating pump then, back to the heater, heat absorption, heat transfer to the equipment, so the cycle, continuous transfer heat, the heated object temperature, process requirements for heating.

Producer of heat conduction oil and electricity heater

The commonly used parts of the equipment heat conduction function:

An instrument used to run surveillance. The main components are the outlet pressure gauge of the heating furnace, the inlet and outlet pressure gauge of the heat conduction oil circulation pump, the pressure gauge inside the burner, the liquid level meter for expansion tank, the soot concentration meter and the oxygen concentration meter.

Used for burning safety devices. Its function is to communicate information in time, cut off fuel and stop the equipment from running safely. The main instruments are: heat conduction oil outlet temperature alarm, heat conduction oil inlet and outlet pressure differential detector, flame extinguishing detector, wind pressure detector, fuel pressure detector, gas phase heat transfer oil pressure detector, fuel shut-off valve, spray media pressure drop detector and so on.

An instrument used for combustion control. There are mainly heating oil outlet temperature control regulator, flash tank pressure regulator, combustion flow regulator, combustion air flow regulator, combustion media pressure regulator, gas phase flash tank level regulator.



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