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Do you know how to prevent electric heating pipe leakage correctly?

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Do you know how to prevent electric heating pipe leakage correctly?

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We know that the heating tube has many advantages, such as simple structure, high thermal efficiency, strong adaptability, long service life, high mechanical strength, convenient installation, safety and reliability. However, the heating tube is easy to leak. There are many reasons for it. For example, the ground wire is not connected well; the cleaning is not proper, and the water touches the wiring post of the heating pipe. There are too many dirt on the electric socket or power plug, too poor water quality and serious water pollution.

So, how to prevent the leakage of the heating pipe?

We use in the heating pipe should pay attention to the following points: first, to connect the ground and check correctly; secondly, check and repair, and timely replacement; third, the right to clean and dry the heating tube; fourth, check off the wire, re welding; fifth, the right to clean and dry processing. Of course, we should pay special attention to the leakage of heating pipes and reduce this situation as far as possible, so we must be vigilant, otherwise it will cause great calamities.

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With the development of science and technology, metal heating tubes have been widely used in various fields, and the effect is very remarkable. At present, the heating pipe has been divided into many kinds for various uses, and it is more convenient to use.

For example, health equipment, such as heating medical treatment, can be sterilized and sterilized with infrared heaters. In the ordinary life, all kinds of heating electrical appliances, such as electric kettle, water heater, electric iron, electric cooker electric oven, are both used for heating tubes. Generally used in the face - point house, it is generally used as an electric heating device in a tunnel to bake bread and pastries. At home, the heating equipment in the home, such as electric blanket, electric heater, adopts the principle of resistance heating. Heat pipes for wood, paper, and paint are heated with fin heating pipes and so on. Heating of the building, the use of electrothermal film is more common. In industry, there are also specialized acid and alkali heaters for acid and alkali corrosive substances.

Like McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken used for making chips, heating device for oil, water and other liquid and explosion-proof heater, there are special heating pipes and so on. If the heating of the salts such as saltpeter melting heating, for heating of air duct with special heating tube.

The general heating tube has no big difference in appearance, but it is mainly internal structure, the material is different, the effect is not the same. The main thing is in the internal material. In general, there will be insulating powder and alloy wire. Insulation powder, good general use insulation modified magnesium oxide, but many manufacturers in order to consider the cost, with quartz sand, but this effect will be much worse. It's easy to know what you don't know. In addition, alloy wire, according to use and different grades, usually made of Fe Cr Al, Ni - Cr alloy wire can be used.

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And it's a very important point to tell the manufacturer of your working environment. The power of the heating tube can be chosen accurately. Some good manufacturers will also determine the thickness of the wall of the heating tube based on the use of the heating pipe of the customer. The wall thickness of the general heating pipe is 0.8mm, but according to different working environment, some need seamless stainless steel tube with thick wall to make electric heating tube.



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