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How and how do the electric heaters use?

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How and how do the electric heaters use?

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The specifications of electric heater include: pressure relief gas heater, tank heater, air duct heater, flange heater, submerged heater, storage tank pump heater, oil drum heater, heat carrier heating system, electric heating steam boiler and so on.

Tank heater: all kinds of viscous medium can be heated to be used for heating and insulation of various tanks and tank trucks. The products are safe, reliable and easy to maintain.

Air heater of air duct: mainly used for air heating in air duct. The fin type heating element can be used to increase the heat exchange area and improve the heat exchange efficiency. It is mainly composed of three series of high temperature, medium and mild low temperature.

Air duct heater

Flange heater: it has the characteristics of small size, high heating power and so on. It can heat all kinds of media on various occasions, such as explosion-proof occasion.

Immersion heater: it is suitable for heating the liquid of various containers, tanks and solution grooves.

Storage tank pump outlet heater: it is suitable for heating all kinds of viscous medium in the storage tank, hot start up quickly, and only needs partial preheating of the pump medium to operate, so as to save energy.

Pressure relief gas heater: it is suitable for the heating of high pressure natural gas, liquefied gas and other high pressure gas at the oil and gas wellhead.

The use of electric heaters:

The electric heater equipment to check whether the product has leakage phenomenon in the beginning before the shipment of grounding device, is safe and reliable. Make sure that there are no mistakes in the work before the equipment can be opened.

The insulation of electric heating tube of electric heater should be checked. The insulation resistance to the ground should be less than 1 ohms. If it is greater than 1 ohms, it is not allowed to use. It is necessary to ensure that it meets the standard requirements before it can continue to work.

Air duct heater price

After the wiring of the electric heater is properly installed, the terminal must be sealed to prevent the oxidation.

The heating mode of the electric heater is:

At present, the heating modes of electric heaters include resistance heating, dielectric heating, infrared heating, induction heating, arc heating and electron beam heating. The biggest difference between these heating modes is that the way of converting electric energy is different.



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