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Why are more and more people using electricity in the tropics?

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Why are more and more people using electricity in the tropics?

Date:2017-11-10 Author:Yicheng network Click:

The electric tropical zone is a remedy for the loss of heat for pipes, tanks, surfaces and equipment, although many pipes and other equipment use thermal insulation. However, in areas with low temperature, it is necessary to produce equipment, pipes, tanks and appearance with positive temperature. Because of the temperature that cannot meet the demand, there are many problems such as freezing and freezing. The heat insulation material can only reduce the loss of heat and can not reach the function of heating and heating. The use of electric tropical zone can prevent the equipment and facilities from freezing, reduce the viscosity of the medium, prevent the liquefaction, heating and maintenance of the process temperature.

The application of the electric belt has been widespread in our country. First, from the growth of the electric belt producers, in the past half year to the first half of this year, the annual growth rate is about 30, with an increase rate of 60%. The occupation has been widely spread, involved in the field of household heating, public building heating, roof gutter snow, snow road, plant animal husbandry insulation, insulation, tunnel road surface frost slip, fire pipeline heat tracing, pipelines, petrochemical storage tanks with thermal insulation, anti freezing solar water heater pipe insulation, the production process to maintain the temperature so, whether it is civil, industrial use is still everywhere.

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As early as 80s, China's heating and heat insulation by coal-fired boiler, the traditional way of simple large pollution, large equipment investment cost, huge volume of equipment, can not be widely throughout, we usually use with heavy industrial or civil central heating. When the electric company was introduced into the country, the cost of electricity was high, and the domestic power facilities were not developed at that time. In the past ten years, the domestic infrastructure construction is to carry out a thousand li a day cable, the localization of the increasingly sophisticated technology.

Our country is located in the subtropical regions, the temperature throughout the year there are larger changes in the climate features quite distinct from each other. Therefore, the auxiliary antifreeze and heat accompanied by the inevitable demand.

Analysis of the above objective factors, in fact, mainly by the many advantages of the electricity with the tropical itself, and determine its widely used and recognized reasons. Let's analyze the advantages of the use of electricity with the tropics:

Economic and energy saving, compared with the traditional coal boiler's hot water or steam heating, the initial investment cost of the electric heating belt is relatively low. In the later stage, there are no other costs except a few electricity charges and regular maintenance.

Safe and fast, as long as strict according to the requirements of application, there will be no short circuit or leakage phenomenon, because of its own type structure, installation and application is very simple.

There is no pollution in the environment. In the process of using the electric companion in the tropics, only power consumption can occur and no other gases or sources of pollution occur.

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The temperature control accuracy is high, the self limiting temperature electric companion has the control temperature function, with the temperature controller, it is more accurate to control the temperature.

Humanized control, along with the development of the Internet of things, focuses on the extensive application of the electric belt system. It can control the operation and condition observation of the system through unattended or remote network.

It can be applied to all kinds of places. The electric companion zone can not be affected by the regional and geographical environment. It can be used because of its flame retardant, anticorrosive, protective materials and metal braided layer, and it can be applied to all kinds of dangerous places in petrochemical industry.



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