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What are the differences between the wind pipe electric heater and the air duct electric heater?

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What are the differences between the wind pipe electric heater and the air duct electric heater?

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The air channel electric heater is used for the industrial air duct, the air conditioning duct and the industry air to increase the temperature of the output air through heating the air, usually inserted in the transverse opening of the air duct. According to the working temperature of the wind tunnel, it is divided into low temperature, moderate and moderate temperature, and the wind speed, the middle wind speed and the high wind speed are divided according to the wind speed in the air duct.

The wind pipe electric heater is usually used for auxiliary heating of the air supply in the air duct when the central air conditioning unit is heating. It can make up for the insufficient heating caused by the low ambient temperature, improve the operation efficiency, reduce the workload of the main engine and prolong the service life of the main engine. 

Air duct heater

This product can also be used for other types of air heating and drying.

Working principle:

Use the electric heating pipe is installed in the air supply duct, regulating the heating power of the electric heating pipe through a silicon controlled transfer electric control box, to adjust the air temperature requirements, so that the electric heater can realize refrigeration dehumidification after air temperature regulation, also can realize the fine adjustment of air temperature, ensure indoor the temperature can be controlled in the range of a write in.

The ordinary air electric heater is very widely used, and its heating temperature is up to 850 degrees C. Its application range is also very wide. Almost any gas can be heated, and the heating effect is good, and the whole process is safe and reliable, and it will not pollute the environment. However, it also has some requirements when it is used.

Requirement 1: the air electric heater must be interlocked with the fan. If the fan is not open, then the air heater can not be opened.

Requirement two: air electric heater and its metal air duct should have good grounding treatment.

Air duct heater price

Requirement three: the air pipe used by the electric heating tube, its insulation material should be insulated with non combustion materials to ensure safety.

The air duct type electric heater is similar to the ordinary air electric heater in structure, but it is also installed between the fan and the heater. And before and after the heater, add the differential pressure device, so as to avoid the failure of the fan. The gas pressure of the air duct type electric heater can not exceed 0.3Kg/cm2 generally, otherwise there will be a problem. So, there is a difference between it and the ordinary air heater.



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