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What are the heating methods and fault remedies for electric heaters?

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What are the heating methods and fault remedies for electric heaters?

Date:2017-11-12 Author:Yicheng network Click:

The advantage that electric heater has many other fuels and equipments can not be realized. Because these obvious advantages are favored and applied by many enterprises. How do the electric heaters outside sell heat? What is the use of the method?

The heating mode of the electric heater is:

At present, the heating modes of electric heaters include resistance heating, dielectric heating, infrared heating, induction heating, arc heating and electron beam heating. The biggest difference between these heating modes is that the way of converting electric energy is different.

The use of electric heaters:

Air duct heater

The electric heater equipment to check whether the product has leakage phenomenon in the beginning before the shipment of grounding device, is safe and reliable. Make sure that there are no mistakes in the work before the equipment can be opened.

The insulation of electric heating tube of electric heater should be checked. The insulation resistance to the ground should be less than 1 ohms. If it is greater than 1 ohms, it is not allowed to use. It is necessary to ensure that it meets the standard requirements before it can continue to work.

After the wiring of the product is properly installed, the terminal must be sealed to prevent the oxidation.

The cause of the failure of the electric heater in operation and the remedial method, so that everyone can use the electric heater better.

If the leakage occurs at the flange of the heater inlet and outlet, it is likely that the sealing washer has been damaged. At this time, the sealing gasket should be replaced to solve the leakage phenomenon.

If the electric heater system fails to start normally, it may be caused by two reasons:

Air duct heater factory

It may be caused by the lack of reset of the emergency stop button of the control cabinet. At this time, the urgent stop button needs to be reset again. It may be caused by the wrong linkage of the chain contacts. At that time, it is necessary to find out the wrong chain of electric shock and return to normal.

If the readings of the equipment ammeter are missing or the imbalance occurs, there are three reasons for this.

The pointer of the ammeter is not flexible, and the repair ammeter can be repaired or replaced directly.

When the circuit breaker in the equipment is closed, the circuit breaker should be replaced to repair it.

The SCR module or fuse is damaged, and the SCR module and the fuse can be replaced directly to repair it.



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