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What are the features and uses of the steam water mixed air duct heater?

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What are the features and uses of the steam water mixed air duct heater?

Date:2017-12-02 Author:Yicheng network Click:

The air duct heater is used to heat the air, and the pipe electric heater is used for the drying / vulcanization of various materials, heat treatment, reheating and dehumidification, and other similar applications. It has been widely used in many research and production laboratories, such as aerospace, weapons industry, chemical industry and colleges and universities. It is especially suitable for automatic temperature control and high flow high temperature combined system and accessories test.

Now we use the main duct heater is used to heat the air in the air duct, can the heater design customer needs three kinds of high school low temperature according to the currently in use, air heater customers are using steel plate supporting electric heating tube to reduce the vibration of the electric heating tube, single for ceramic electrothermal tube shell was not only a spiral pattern, by bonding fixed. In the use of ceramic electric heating pipe style heater, it must be outside the temperature controller, to ensure the normal and efficient use of electric heating elements. In addition to the temperature controller, air heater inside there is an important link of "heating and air flow in the heater before and after the installation of pressure device, to avoid damage to the heating fan, ceramic heater for heating the gas duct should generally not exceed 0.3 kg / square meters, if more than the pressure, please use the circulation type electric heater. Since the ceramic heating tube according to the customer to use the power of the voltage of the electric heating tube and temperature regulation, so do not need to replace the single head heating tube to control the temperature of the air heater, generally low temperature gas heating will not exceed 160 degrees, medium temperature does not exceed 260 degrees, high temperature does not exceed 500 degrees. The ceramic heating tube can be heated to 700 degrees centigrade at the highest stability. And alumina ceramic corrosion resistant to acid and alkali, suitable for long-term air heating.

High-temperature water heater

The organic matter in water mainly refers to the pollutants of humic acid and polycarboxylic acid compounds, domestic sewage and industrial waste water. The former multi-functional group of aromatic macromolecules of the weak organic acids, accounting for more than 95% of the dissolved organic matter in the water. Humus is the product of the life activities of aquatic organisms. Domestic sewage is mainly human excrement and waste. The organic compounds in various industrial wastewater include animal and plant fiber, oil, sugar, dyes, organic acids, various organic synthetic products, organic materials and so on.

The characteristics of the steam water mixture heater of the air duct heater:

(1) no matter whether it is starting, stopping or running, there is no water shock and no steam shock.

From beginning to end, there is no vibration, and the operation is quiet and smooth.

(3) the lowest noise can be controlled within 60dB, and there is no obstacle to communicate with each other.

(4) the heating is fast and uniform, the utilization rate of steam is almost one hundred percent, and the efficiency and energy saving are high.

Low pressure drop, high cost performance, long service life, and absolutely safe and reliable.

The application range of the steam water mixer of the air duct heater:

Compressed gas electric heater

1. Used in hot water heating system as heating equipment, instead of the primary (indirect) heat exchanger.

2. It is used to heat the hot water in the bathroom and send it into the water tank to replace the high noise and strong vibration steam direct heating mode (flower tube) in the hot water tank.

3. Used for preheating soft water (thermal deoxidization) for deaerator

Steam water mixer installation method: for CDQS-32 ~ QS-48 heater, it is not suitable for vertical installation.

There is a common feature of water in the organic matter, that is, biological oxidation decomposition, the need to consume dissolved oxygen in the water, and lead to water anoxia. At the same time, the fermentation of corruption will cause bacteria to grow, deteriorate the water quality and destroy the water body, and the organic pollution of industrial water will also reduce the quality of the products. Organic matter is one of the main causes of water pollution.



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